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Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Thankyou God :)

Thankyou for always leads me through my life
I know it sure.. that Im Your precios daughter
And You didn’t want to saw me sad and disappointed
Ok God.. I was woken up..
And always it be..

God thankyou for gave a blessed behind every problems, and thankyou for always there
I know you always here
Yes.. here.. in my heart

God, thankyou for this feeling also
Im in love..

But...I need to say Sorry
Im just a human being.. that sometimes doing something wrong
Oh God.. thankyou for remind me again.. 
that something true is always true, It doesn't need a reason..
and dont use word ‘LOVE’ as the reason to do something wrong
Yeahh..True is always will be true

God.. I know Im in love
But I know what you want me to do
people are sometimes make disappointed .. but You.. You never makes disappointed
that's why I just want to follow Your word

I have decided that
I dont want to compromise it with my self, and being labile again
True is always True
Even Im in love, I hope I still will be true

God, please give me the strength
to through this way 
even it’s hard ..
It’s hard without him
But I know you have prepared some love.. the true,and  the pure one

Thankyou God.. Im  in Love   


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